Bet365 Black Friday Bonus

Hi Guys,

With the events that have taken place of the previous few days there are many questions being asked.

Which poker operator is going to remain strong throughout this period of uncertainty is on everyone’s lips.

bet365 is one of, if not the most, trustworthy gambling operator in the UK. The family run business is the 7th biggest private company in the UK and has been recognised within the industry as a pillar of strength. Testament to this is the fact that the company has been voted by the industry as the operator of the year.

Now, more than ever, it is important that players work with an operator that is solid.

It is important to reward players that put their faith, correctly, into the hands of bet365, and therefore we are rewarding all new players with a massive 200% up to $1,000 opening account offer.

Not only are we offering the incredible opening account offer, we are also providing to ALL of your players a further fantastic $10,000 deposit bonus should they opt in.

Players are rewarded $10 for every 1000MP they earn which provides even greater value than the original 1,200MP that had previously existed. This along with additional Freerolls that we are running daily allows us to offer you and your players greater value than any other ipoker room.

There are sure to be many players who are looking to change from their current poker room and this will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to help guide these players to the well established poker room at bet365.

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